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A small software company located in the Netherlands. We are enthusiastic and passionate about what we do. And what we do, of course, is creating software. Together with our clients we discuss the possibilities and create great products.

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Are you looking for a team to work together on realizing your website or are you just looking for a place to host your website? We offer the development of web based applications, mobile applications and hosting services.

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The value of doing an international exchange has become more and more important.
Many students wish to do such an activity, but to find all the information that is required, one might already give up before even getting started. With Eduvine we made it possible to get all the information, your institute has, easily accessible. It is a digital world map with all the locations that are available within your institute. Each of these locations contain information about what you can do there, when you can go, what did previous students think about this location?

"It is our mission to help universities around the world to plan and have the perfect exchange programme for their students".


"See what your institute has to offer. Find, read and share these experiences with your fellow students."


"Manage all the internationalization activities within your institute. Keep up to date with statistics of all exchanges."

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